Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WELCOME HOME DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 1, 2007

The count down was finally over!!! Daddy was coming home!!!! Mom, Iain and Jessica picked us up and we headed down to the airport. When we got there his plane had just landed so the wait wasn't going to be to long before we saw Him for the 1st time in over a month!!!! Jack was pretty grumpy waiting he thought he was going to be there already when we got to the airport. I was so excited I was like a little girl. My stomach had knots in it. I just couldn't wait! When he finally came up those stairs and we saw him for the 1st time I got all teary eyed and Jack screamed in excitement. I put him over the waiting gate and he ran to him and said "DAAAADDDDDYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" They just hugged it was awesome! (Mom has pictures of there Reunion I will post later!) We left the airport and went to the Denver Aquarium which was awesome and we all enjoyed, then back to Fort Collins. But 1st we stopped at a Pizza Place in Windsor to get lunch. Then we went home and just hung out as a family for the evening. It was so great to have him home.

Our Count Down Chart. Each night before Jack went to bed we marked off that day!!!! Gillian in her pink bouncer getting ready for Daddy to come home!! She is wearing her Daddy's Little Princess outfit!!! I had been waiting until he came home for her to wear this.
Jack watching TV right before we left.Ryan's birthday presents and card for him to open when he gets home!Daddy holding Gillian for the 1st time in over a month! (39day's)The Denver Aquarium Jack and Auntie Boooke by shark teethJack and Daddy looking at something cool.Jack and Daddy looking at a big turtle.Jack looking at an Otter.Gillian and the Otter. Jack and Daddy looking at some yellow fish.One of the fish tanks. GillianThe Rain Forest section.Jack and Daddy looking at a Tropical Bird. Gillian
GaGa and Jack looking at the Tiger.Gillian and the Tiger.The Tiger.2 Parrots Kissing.JackJack looking at Dori Fish. (from Finding Nemo)Gillian and the Dori Fish.
Stingray Jack and Daddy looking at the stingray.
Jack at the stingray pool.
Family Picture outside the Aquarium. They had a bubble maker right by us.Close Up! One Big Happy Family!!!

September 2, 2007

We went out to breakfast with Ryan's Dad a Bob at the Breakfast Club. Then we stopped by Mom and Iain's to visit for a little bit. Then we were off to Kohls to get Ryan some new jeans for work and then Bed Bath and Beyond to get a wedding gift for our friends Mike and Erin. Came home and got ready for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. They had it at the Ellis Ranch in Loveland. The ceremony was outside and then the reception was inside. It was a night filled with dancing great food and lots of friends. Jack made a new girlfriend named Mazzy she is about 6-7ish. They played and danced the night out!

Gillian in her pretty dress ready to go to the wedding.
Close Up!I cut Jacks hair but he wouldn't really let me take a good picture before and after the hair cut but oh well.
Gillian sleeping in her car seat waiting for the ceremony to start.Jack standing in the gazebo before the wedding, where Mike and Erin got married.Jack dancing after the wedding.Gillian and Daddy I love this picture of Gillian just looking at her Daddy!!! She was cuing at him!
Jack playing outside
Jack and Mazzy playing on the bridge.Gillian all bundled up in her car seat while we ate dinner.Jack dancing with Erin and Cousin Ryan or as Jack calls him RyRy.Gillian and Mommy!Jack danicng with Erin during The Dollar Dance.Ryan helped decorate Mike and Erin's car!!! September 3, 2007

We had a lazy day. Just hung around the house Ryan and Gillian took a nap together. So cute. We just tried to get in as much family time as we could. Then we went out to Jackson's for lunch with our friends Jim, Beth and Jason. Then off to the airport to drop Ryan off! I was all teary eyed the whole way down there then when he hugged and kissed me is when I lost it. He just held me and said that it will just make it that much better when we do live together again. After we left the airport I took the kids to Sonic to get dinner. That was fun. While we sat in the car eating dinner and watching planes head out. Jack would say "Good Bye Daddy I love you!" every time he saw a plane. So sweet!

Jack at Jackson's
Gillian at Jackson's
Jack and Daddy!
Gillian and Daddy! Jack, Gillian and Daddy!
Gillian and Daddy napping! Right before we left for the airport! We had such a nice weekend with Ryan!!! It was way to short BUT at least he got to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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beth said...

Looks like a great weekend! You got some great pictures too! I can't wait to see the ones that Sherry took. Also, really cute idea to make Jack the countdown chart! You're an awesome mommy!


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