Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 10, 2007

Today was pretty chilly. It was only in the 60's or so. We did some gardening today. Nothing to exciting. Came home and cleaned the house and played with the kids.

Gillian all warm and cozy.

Big Smile!

Gillian all ready to go to GaGa and Granpaski's house.
Snug as a bug in a rug....
Grandpaski put up Gillian's port-a-crib up at there house. I had thought it was broken. I worked on it several times and couldn't get one of the sides to stay up! I thought it had some how got broken in storage. Since it was Jacks when he was little. But it wasn't broken thank goodness! Gillian Loves it!!!!! She just cues at the animals on her mobile. It also helps me while I am cleaning or doing something around Mom and Iain's house I just put her in it while she is sleeping.

Here she is in her port-a-crib for the 1st time! Cuing and smiling at the animalsJack and Gillian
Jack looking at GillianGillian sleeping in her port-a-crib all swaddled. That's the only way she will sleep if she is swaddled!Jack picking up peaches and putting them in the bucket. Its his new job to pick up all the fallen fruit off the ground!
Jack eating an apple from the garden.Happy Boy!
Gillian in her port-a-crib again!

September 11, 2007
This morning we ran several errands and hung out at the house. Jack starts swimming lessons this afternoon. (I will do a separate post on swimming lessons!)

Gillian laying on her blanket stretching!
Our Smiley Girl! She LOVES the camera!!!! (Kinda has too! LOL)
Tummy Time! She is getting really strong and holding her head up really well!Gillian all cozy in her bouncer! What a Beauty!
I love this outfit! Aunt Jo got it for her!
Jack was so excited about starting swimming lessons he was dancing around in the kitchen!!!! And singing "Swimming Lessons Yay swimming lessons.....")

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Have a fantastic day!!!

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beth said...

Gillian is getting such a little personality! I love the outfit your aunt got her...that is so cute! Jack is so funny...I love it when he dances!


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