Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Swimming Lessons!!!!!!

September 11-October 4th 2007

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:20am until 11:50am

Jack is doing so awesome! This is the 1st class I'm not in the water with him. He is in Pre-school 1 class. I am so proud of him. He listens to what the teacher says and does what she asks. The kids are suppose to stay at the wall while she is practicing a move or something with another kid. Jack went away from the wall once and she nicely asked him to go back to the wall and he did right away! That made me very happy.

September 11, 2007

Jack before swimming lessons began. I wanted him to get a feel for the water before the class started.Gillian in her stroller sleeping while Jack plays in the water.Jack walking like an alligator.Gillian still asleep. She slept through the whole lesson.
Jack walking in the deeper part of the water! Only 2' or so!Time to start class. Jack is the smallest and the youngest in his class but that doesn't make any difference to him he is doing awesome! The girl on the far right is the only other 3year old and is 3 1/2yrs were Jack is 3yrs and 3 months. All the other kids are 4 years old.Walking across the pool making ice cream scoops. The teacher asked what was there favorite ice cream and Jack said "Red!" So she said "like strawberry?" "No just red ice cream!" LOL

Coming back.
Jack and his teacher working on tummy floats and kicking.
Blowing bubbles
Back float. I think he was a little nerves. But he did great and ended up relaxing for her. (he also looks kinda cold his lips are purple!)
Coming back to the wall.Walking like Alligators across the pool. Jack loves this move!
Jack and the teacher giving a high five at the end of class!Jack all bundled up after class! He didn't want to turn around for me to take his picture! "No pictures Mom!"Out side Edora Pool Jack want his picture taken here!Jack and Gillian. But he didn't want a picture taken with his Sister as you can see!September 13, 2007
Jacks 2nd class. It went as well as the 1st class. I am so very proud of him!!!!

His class playing Ring Around The Rosy.Jack working on his kicks and tummy float.Jack and his teacher working on arm strokes.
Back float with arm strokes.
Alligator walk again.
Kicking on the side of the pool.We have his 3rd class this afternoon! I am excited and I know he is too! I will let you all know how it goes!
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beth said...

You can tell he really enjoys his swimming lessons! That is great! I loved swimming lessons when I was little.


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