Friday, September 14, 2007

Daddy's Home Coming Continued.....
September 1, 2007

The long wait in the airport. I was so excited I could have burst!!!! But well worth the wait! Actually we only waited like 20-30 minutes for him to come up the stairs!

Jack, Gillian and I waiting to see Daddy!!!! Is he here yet???????????
Jack and I
Grandpaski (AKA Iain) Auntie Booke (AKA Jessica) Jack and I. Jack so grumpy waiting for daddy! He just couldn't wait until he saw him!
The only way Jack would take a picture is when we took one of his burger in his nose! Gross! What a 3yr old BOY!!!
DADDY!!!!!!!!!! As soon as we saw him come up the stairs I put Jack over the railing and he ran over to him screaming DADDY!!!!!!
Together at last!So happy!
Love......Together as a family again!Gillian and Daddy back in the car ready to head to the Aquarium!
Thanks for a wonderful trip home!!! Can't wait to see you again! We love you and miss you so very much!!!
Photo's taken by Sherry! Thank you so very much for taking these precious photo's of our reunion!!!

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beth said...

This post made me cry! It was so sweet! I'm glad you got to spend the weekend together!


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