Wednesday, September 05, 2007

August 31, 2007

Today was a very busy day. I watched Peter 2yrs and Nevaeh 11 months today. I had them from 9:15am until about 4ish. They are great kids.

Gillian in her pretty BROWN dress! (Yes she does wear other colors then just pink! Even though that's our preferred color!) I love this dress and it goes great with her skin tones! I think anyway! Gillian is all smiles I love it! Happy Happy Girl!
Jack what a great big brother!!!! I love love this picture of the two of them!!! I am going to frame it I think!
She love the camera! Well she kinda has too! LOL
Peter and Jack playing cars and trucks in Jacks room!
Peter and Nevaeh I don't think they were to happy I took a picture of the two of them.
Peter, Nevaeh and Jack. Jack didn't want to take his eye's off the TV!
Peter watching Jack draw him a picture.
Big Hugs! The boy's get along so well!!!I got ALL 4 of the kids to take a nap at the same time!!!! Oh Yeah Super Mom here!!!! LOL And here is my proof!!!!

Gillian Sleeping in her crib! She must be having a great dream she is smiling in her sleep!Jack sleeping in his bed!Peter sleeping in my bed!
Nevaeh sleeping on the couch!
While they were all sleeping I had an 1 hour 1/2 to myself. SO I made Ryan a Key Lime Pie. His favorite.
Jack and Nevaeh were the 1st to get up so they started to play with Jack's waffle blocks.
Nevaeh and Gillian Gillian
After the kids left we went to the mall to get a few last minute things before Daddy came home the next day.
Jack and Gillian by the fountain.Jack playing in the Mall's play place on the Big Whistle. Jack walking on the big batCheese its!Jack riding on the Hot Dog Car outside the Mall's Play place.Jack and Gillian.
Gillian in her stroller getting ready to go home from the Mall!
We had a grea day!!! Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!! Come back soon! LOL


beth said...

I LOVE Gillian's brown dress! That is so adorable! You know what else would look great? A pink AND brown dress!

Great pictures of all the kids! Nikki's kids are really cute too!

I also love that same one that you like of Jack and Gillian. And...I LOVE the one of Gillian sleeping with the big smile...that is precious!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Thanks! YAY! A pink and Brown would be really pretty too! I am really into brown lately too!

Her kids are really cute and great kids too!

I love that Gillian is all smiles its so cute!


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