Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 4, 2007

The day after Daddy left. Today was hard but we got through it. We went to Mom and Iain's to work in the garden. And keep busy.

Gillian sleeping in her car seat.
Jack trying to hide from the camera
Gillian smiling in her sleep.
Jack playing in his sand box. So handsome!
Happy girl!
Jack being silly!
Gillian was sleeping on the couch when I started to take a few pictures of her and she woke up and just looked at me like what are you doing? Pictures AGAIN!Jack hiding once again!
Gillian back at home. She love to lay on the floor.
Tummy Time!
Jack playing on the couch making it into a slide.

September 5, 2007

Today I watched Nikki’s kids again. Danny dropped them off at 3:20am!!! There were asleep so I went back to bed. I got up several times with Gillian from 3am until 6am when she finally just stayed awake. We played in her room since Peter and Nevaeh were still sleeping down stairs. Peter came up stairs around 7am. So Gillian and I went downstairs and shortly after that Jack and Nevaeh woke up as well. Mom and Holly came over to visit. Mom had Holden sp? the baby she watches. It was crazy around the house. Mom and Holly left around 11:45am and Danny came and picked up the kids around 1:30pm. As soon as they left we jumped in the car and headed to Mom and Iain’s. Jack fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep until about 9pm when he started to cry and called for me. He went into my room and said “Mommy where are you? In your room? I can’t find you?” I came upstairs and he then said “I can’t find my night night!” I went down stairs and found it for him. He went back to sleep as soon as I got it for him. It rained like crazy this afternoon. We where out side and I said to Jack that I though it was going to rain so we should go inside. And about 2 minutes later it started to down poor. I mean the street had about 1/2in rain on it and looked like it could flood. But it stopped just as fast as it started about 20-30 minutes later.

Jack at the table playing with tuna cans.
Gillian 10 weeks old Today!!!

September 6, 2007

Today we ran a few errands and I packed like 6 boxes! I also started to organize under the house! What a mess it has gotten down there. But its coming around. I bought the kids Halloween costumes today! Jack really wanted to be a Dragon. We went to Once Upon A Child my favorite used kids clothes store. The had just got there costumes out on the 1st and I wanted to hurry up and get there to see what they had before they sell out of there costumes. We found two Dragon costumes on was a 12month way to small and another one was about a size 6 way to Big! We were about to leave and I spotted a costume that looked like a Dragon and to my amazement it was!!! A purple Dragon size 5T! Perfect! I called Jack over to look at it and try it on and its perfect. Still a little big on him but that great unlike last year I had to exchange his costume a week before Halloween because he had out grown his dragon costume. He will have to grow a TON to out grow this costume!!! He loves it and he looks so cute!!! I got Gillian a Lady Bug costume she will look so cute in hers as well! I also got her PJ's for that night that says "I take after my Mummy" I thought that was cute so I had to get it!!

Happy Gillian!
Jack and Gillian Our Happy Kids! Jack in his Halloween costume! Jack watching Dragon Tails in his Dragon costume.September 7, 2007

Today I watched Nikki's kids again. I had them from 10am until 2ish. I was going to have them until 6:15pm but Nikki wasn't feeling well so she picked up the kids early. We had a great day. The kids all took naps at the same time again. Jack gets along with the kids so well. They played and I think got out every single toy Jack owns! That was fun to pick up! After they left we had a few errand to run! I had to get diapers and stuff like that. Also a few groceries. Came home and just hung out with the kids and tried to relax.

Jack working on his preschool and yes he is wearing his dragon costume once again! He loves it so much. And as you can see he didn't want me to take a picture of him!
Jack, Nevaeh and PeterJack and Gillian
September 8, 2007

Today we went over to Mom and Dad's to visit. Grandma and Grandpa Schroeder or G.G and PaPa to the kids came over to visit too. We had a great time. We went to Target and King Sooper with them and then came back to the house. Grandma and Grandpa left around 4ish and we waited until Dad and James came home. They had gone to the CSU Football game. We wanted to stay and see them before we left. As we were getting ready to leave Jack said he wanted to have a sleep over. SO he stayed the night and Gillian and I went on home. Right before I left Jack said "Good Bye Mom!" I remember that feeling. I did that to my parents when I wanted to stay the night with Grandma Stephenson the sleep over didn't really start until Mom and Dad left.

G.G and GillianG.G, Gillian and Jack. He was grumpy and didn't want his picture taken! (Can you see a new trend?) PaPa and Jack playing.September 9, 2007

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

Mom and Dad came by around 10am and then we all went to church together. Then we went over to Grandma Stephenson's house for lunch. After lunch we went to GaGa and Grandpaski's house to visit. Auntie Boook was there too.
Gillian playing on the floor!
It was kinda chilly out so I put a hat on her! She has been getting so cold her hands and feet will be just ice cold if she's not bundled up. Even in 90* weather! She loves to be swaddled. But of course she's not in these pictures. She doesn't have to be swaddled 100% of the time just most of the time! James! He didn't want his picture taken but he looked so handsome I had to take a picture plus right before this he called me Grandma so I had to get back at him one way or the other!
Jack climbing the tree in front of Grandma GG's house with Grandpa Dan.
Jack in the tree.
Jack and Grandpa.We had a busy but great week! Thanks for reading my blog!

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beth said...

You got some great pictures! I love Gillian's 10 week picture...that one is great! I also love Jack's costume! He looks really cute in it!


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