Tuesday, September 02, 2008

July Summary!

July was a fun filled month! From Movies, Camping, Buying a new car and Most of all my b-day! LOL

At the Anthem Outlet Mall during the summer they had Monday Movie day. It was free and they provided the popcorn! =) We only got to go once since Gillian didn't like going and cried almost the whole time after the popcorn was out!

We meet Kelly and Cameron at the movie to see The Bee Movie. It was really cute!

Cameron and Jack eating popcorn waiting for the movie to start!
The movie screen! (Of course they turned out the light when it started!)
July 8, 2008

Chip anyone?

Our Beautiful Girl! Look at those teeth! (She has 7 now!!!)
Gillian resting on Ryan's lap! "Oh Daddy!"
Gillian hugging her teddy bear she got for her b-day.
July 10, 2008

Gillian playing outside in our backyard.

July 11, 2008

The kids and I went to work with Ryan. I helped him organize his desk and he took Jack around his job site!

Construction Man Jack ready for work. (He's in Ryan's office)Daddy helping Jack get ready to walk around the job site.
Jack and Daddy all ready for work! Gillian helping Mommy organize! Jack and Gillian in Daddy's office.Jack and Daddy on the job site!July 12, 2008

We went to Bob's apartment to hang out for a while. Then Bob and Ryan went to see a movie while the kids and I went to the Arrowhead Mall to hang out. After there movie was over they met us at the mall and we went to this great Irish Restaurant for dinner it was really good! And Looked and felt like you where in Ireland!!!!

Gillian pretending the remote is a phone!Gillian playing this video game that's on the floor at the mall. The kids step on it and you have to do different things. Hard to explain but basically its an interactive game they play.

This is Gillian's 1st time playing this! She had seen Jack play it several times! Gillian having SOOO much fun! Jack and Gillian playing in the Mall's play place.
Jack and Gillian playing in a boat at the play place. "Get Me Out of Here Mommy!!!!"July 13, 2008

Jack swimming under water!Gillian sitting on the side of the pool!Our Beautiful Family! A fun day at the Pool! My Sexy Hubby relaxing on the side of the pool!July 14, 2008

A fun day at the house!

Sweet Gillian!The kids being silly in the kitchen! LOL Jack has a bowl on his head and Gillian has a strainer on her head! LOLJuly 15, 2008

Jack helping Gillian down the stairs!
"What in the World is Jack Doing?????""Hold Me Please Mommy!"July 16, 2008

Sweet Gillian in our Front Yard.July 17, 2008

Gillian and Mommy! Look we have the same eye color! =) (Gillian wanted to wear Jack's shirt! Gillian Taylor!Gillian Jumping on the couch!July 18, 2008

We went over to Katie's house for lunch! We had a great time!

Alexis eating lunch!Jack and Alexis eating!

Gillian with her beautiful smile!July 19, 2008

GillianGillian sitting outside! Look at my pretty bushes in the background!!!Gillian being goofy! LOL
July 21, 2008

Pretty much every Monday starting with the 21st we meet Katie, Jason, Kelly and Clifton at the park to play Volleyball. We all bring lots of sand toy's for the kids to play with. We have a lot of fun!

Jack and Daddy playing VolleyballJack playing Volleyball
Gillian watching us play! "Oh No!!!! Mommy Not Again!!!"July 22, 2008

Gillian pretending a Tooth Brush is a phone! (She LOVES phones!!!)

So happy!July 23, 2008

Jack trying to fix the Air Conditioning on Daddy's Blazer!Gillian sitting in Daddy's work truck while Mommy cleans it out for Daddy!Jack and Gillian hanging out in Daddy's truck.

July 24, 2008

Gillian reading a book.
Jack and Gillian reading a book!July 25, 2008

I was organizing our hall closet and brought out some of Gillian's old toy's and bouncers. She loved it!

Gillian sitting in her "old" bouncer!

Look how much she has grown in a year!!! Gillian in her bouncer August 13, 2007 ( just had to post a picture of her as a tiny baby in the same bouncer and look she almost has the same onesie on! =) )Gillian trying to stand in her bouncer! July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me! LOL

We went out to lunch with Katie and Alexis then went to the Water Park with Katie, Alexis, Kelly, Clifton and Cameron. We had a great time! Later that night after Ryan came home from work we went out to dinner! It was a great b-day! And as you all know Ryan bought me a car the day before for my b-day!!! =)

Gillian playing with her baby doll!
Gillian after eating lunch wearing her sunglasses! "CHEEEESSSSSSSSSSE!"
Looks like trouble! Jack and Gillian in the guest bathroom! Gillian and I at the pool.Jack swimming.Jack Jumping into the pool.Our Beautiful kids and I at the pool!Jack floating.Gillian hanging out on at break time!BRRRRR!!! He was SOOO cold! In the 110'F weather! LOLSweet Jack!July 29, 2008

GillianGillian wearing Jack's backpack squart gun!
Gillian putting on her sunglasses.

Jack and Gillian playing outside! This is one of their favorite places to play in the backyard! July 30, 2008

Gillian playing with one of her Baby DollJack playing golf in the backyard.
Jack and Daddy playing Golf!

July 31, 2008

Gillian playing in a basket in her bedroom!
Gillian sitting in her rocker in her room!
Jack was upstairs playing while I was downstairs cooking. I noticed how quiet it got and went to check on him. He had climbed into Ryan and My bed and fell asleep! SO sweet!!!! When he got up I asked him how his nap was and he said "Mommy I did't sleep I was only resting my eyes!"
Well that's pretty much our July! I will post pictures from camping next! I don't think i have posted them yet anyway!
Thanks for stopping by!

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beth said...

I of course LOVED all the pictures! I cannot pick a favorite. But, I loved that Jack said he was just resting his eyes. He is so funny!


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