Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Update!

Gillian Taylor ~14 months old~

I just had to update you all on her! She is growing up SO fast! It seems like everyday she is doing or saying something new! A few day's ago she was cuddling with Daddy and she said: "I Love You!" it melted his heart! I am still waiting for her to say it back to me! Today while at the park I was counting each stair she climbed and she said "1...2...3...!!" =) And if you say 1 she will say 2....3... She is learning all the different animal sounds like: Dog, Monkey, Lion, Tiger, Dinosaur. Jack has this big Dinosaur its bigger then Gillian. Anyway Gillian was carrying it all around the other day and roaring like a dinosaur. It was SO cute. This afternoon she stubbed her toe she said "ouch!" I asked her what happened and she pointed to her toe and said "rock ouch". She loves the "uh oh" game. She will drop something like her cup onto the floor and say "uh oh!" and wait for you to pick it up. This can last a while. I remember Jack playing that game too! She is still chugging away at potty training! She is actually telling me know when she needs to go know. She is just doing awesome!

Jack Ryan ~4years old~

He was 3 for a long time but know he is 4. He says this to anyone that asks him how old he is. Well not as much as he did when he first turned 4. He loves school so much. Which makes Ryan and I very happy! Jack has made several friends at school, I knew he would. His teacher told me the other day that there is a girl in his class that has a HUGE crush on him! Jacks Best Friend Daniel play so well together. They became instant friends from that Friday before school started at Meet the Teacher get together. Jack is working on reading and writing. He is so smart and loves to learn. We are also working on teaching him Spanish. He knows all the colors and can count to 10 in Spanish. He has been able to do this for a while though.


He is working SO very hard and putting in a TON of hours! I am so very proud of him! He just started a new project. So he is very busy right now! He has been with Rummel for over a year now. August 6th was his one year anniversary at his job and July 24th was his 1 year anniversary of moving down to AZ. He is looking forward to all his hunting trips this fall/winter.


On Monday I started to watch a 8 month old baby girl named Gabby. I'm going to watch her on Monday's and Tuesday's. Gabby is Daniel's (Jacks BF) baby sister. They are both SO happy that when its time for Gabby to go home the boy's get to play for a while. Daniel goes to all day Pre-K so after Megan (their Mom) picks Daniel up from school she comes and gets Gabby. I am still studying and working on getting my personal trainers certification. I'm getting close to finishing! Yeah!! I have been working a lot in the yard. I bought a power hedger the other day and have trimmed all the bushes in the front and back. They look SO nice. It's So much faster then trimming them by hand! And who has time! I have also been busy organizing the house. I have my laundry room and the kids play room finally how I want them for know anyway! I will post before and after pictures later! It has been 6 months since the kids and I have moved down to Anthem Arizona. Time just flies!!!

**Well that's all I can think of for know. I will post pictures from August and our trip to Vegas. I have so much to post! =)

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Mom said...

I LOVE the camping photos! And I really appreciate the recent narrative updating us on all of your activities...miss you so much!!



beth said...

Yay! Thanks for the detailed updates! I can't wait for more pictures! Love you guys!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Your are very welcome! =)


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