Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Camp Verde July 25-27, 2008
We had so much fun camping. Katie, Jason, Alexis and the 4 of us drove up to Camp Verde for the weekend. Kelly, Clifton and Cameron came up Saturday morning! We had a blast. It of course pour on the drive to the camp site BUT stopped raining right before we got there. My little KIA started to break down on the way. About half way up the mountain I started to loose power. I couldn't go any faster then 35 mph...... It just couldn't shift into 5th gear. We got to the site fine just took us a little bit longer then it should have. We had some trouble getting back home but as long as I kept the car at 65mph I was fine. It helped too that we were driving down hill. Needles to say I have a new car and don't have to worry about that again!
July 25, 2008

Daddy and Gillian sitting by the fire. Gillian trying to get Jack's Capri Sun.AlexisJack. He looks cold!Jason, Katie and I sitting by the fire. (I look bored but I'm not!!!) July 26, 2008

Gillian getting into our food tote!

Gillian and Daddy hanging out!Happy Gillian! This was the favorite spot of the kids! What a MESS!!!! A big dirt pile. They got SOO dirty!!!!!

Alexis, Gillian and Jack.JackWe went for a nice morning walk.

Jack with his Survivor Backpack.Jack and Alexis walking.Daddy and Gillian on our walk. Daddy and Gillian, Alexis and Jack.
Gillian walking around.Jack exploring.Gillian on Daddy's shoulders. Jason in the background.Jack and Alexis holding hands.Pretty Forest Trees. Didn't think I would see these in AZ!Coming back to camp we found some dead trees, Ryan, Jason and Katie all bringing them back to camp.Jack playing Survivor Man in the trees we found back at camp.Jack and Alexis in the fort. Cameron and Jack showing Daddy/Ryan a squirrel in the tree.Jack and Gillian eating lunch.From left to right. Me, Gillian under the blanket (NO I'm not nursing her she fell asleep and I wanted to keep her out of the sun), Cameron, Katie and Kelly.
Gillian sleeping on my lap!Jason building the kids a fort. Jack was SO upset when the guy's started to cut up the tree we had brought back from our walk. SO Jason decided to build him a fort.
The back of the fort.Cameron and Jack in the New Fort.Jack in his fort. He LOVED it!!Gillian joining the kids in the fort.
Gillian and Cameron playing in the fort. Looks more like Cameron is pushing Gillian out of the way! Campsite. Fort to the far left. Jack, Kelly, Jason and Katie.Gillian coming out of the fort.
Cameron coming out of the fort.The kids all thought it would be fun to jump on Ryan!! HahaAlexis, Jack and Gillian.The kids playing around. Jack 4yrs, Alexis 20months, Gillian 12 months, Cameron 23 months.Alexis reading a People Mag.
Gillian and Cameron reading a People Mag. (Alexis to the right)
Gillian drinking a Capri Sun. She thought she was big. Its the flavored water kind with very little sugar. Just an FYI! Our Volleyball net the guy's put up for us to play. That was a lot of fun!Gillian and I
Gillian what a mess BUT still Oh SOOO cute!!!
I'm roasting a marshmallow! MMMMMMM
July 27, 2008
~Gillian turned 13 Months old!!!~
Our cute little tent! Our Camp Fire.
Our cute little tent next to Katie and Jason's tent.Jack and Cameron
Gillian helping to pack everything up! ~Jack wanted to take some pictures.~
Mommy, Gillian and Daddy. ~photo by Jack
Kelly and Cameron ~photo by Jack
Clifton, Kelly and Cameron~photo by Jack (we didn't get one of Katie and her fam!) =(Mommy packing up the car. ~photo by Jack
Daddy ~photo by Jack
My Arizona Friends
Katie (6 months pregnant with baby Grayson), Kelly and I ~photo by Ryan
Gillian and I before getting into the car. Man did I need a shower! LOLFamily Picture Gillian all buckled ready to head home!Jack in the car ready to go home. Jack making his Monster face!!!! AKA NO MORE PICTURES MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

We came home and cleaned up and went to buy my b-day present my Denali! =) What a great birthday weekend! I can't wait to go camping again!!!
Thanks for reading our blog! Have a great day!

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beth said...

Fun! I love camping! You got a lot of great pictures too! I love the one of Jack and Cameron with his arm around her...like he is her big brother or something!


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