Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Hike in Anthem Arizona!
Saturday September 13, 2008

We decided to go hiking that morning and we had a blast! Jack and Daddy went exploring into a small cave. Jack had so much fun! Gillian and I started up the steep hill. We brought the double stroller just in case Jack got tired. I didn't want to end up holding Gillian the whole time. Plus the stroller was also a nice place to put all our water, Snacks, 1st aide supplies...... Anyway the stroller was a much! But let me tell you it was a work out pushing it up the hill! I had Ryan push it down the hill. =)

Jack and Daddy.
We made it to the top!!!!

Daddy with the Kids.
Mommy and the kids.
Jack and Gillian at the top! King of the Mountain!!Yay! I made it Mommy!!! View from the top! Ryan and IJack and Gillian in their Air Conditioned Stroller! (Mommy's idea!!!)The trail on the way home.
Jack pushing the kids! Gillian was SO tired by the end of the hike and she fell asleep!
This was SO much fun! What a great family outing! =)

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beth said...

The pictures of the kids by themselves are sooooo cute! I also really like the one of you and Ryan. That is really good!


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