Monday, August 25, 2008

Anthem Splash Park!

July 08-09, 2008

While Danny and Holly where here I drove them around Anthem to show them what all Anthem has to offer. And I discovered our Splash Park!!!! I knew we had one I just wasn't sure where it was. So I decided to take the kids one day to check it out. They had SOO much fun! We went the next day with Katie, Alexis, Kelly and Cameron! It was the 1st time Katie and Kelly took their kids too!

Splash Park! Gillian heading towards the water!Jack running all around!Gillian clapping at her brother. Ya Jack!Jack playing with the water shooting horses.Closer look!Sweet Gillian.Jack and Gillian Jack running through the water! Gillian all wet and loving it! Hi Mom! Having a great time!Jack made a new friend.Gillian splashing around in a puddle.

Ya!!! July 9, 2008
Gillian admiring Alexis hair!
Gillian and Cameron playing in the water.
Jack, Cameron, Alexis and Gillian
AHHHH!!!!Gillian playing in her favorite spot where all the water puddles.CameronAlexis, Gillian, CameronGillian, Alexis and CameronAlexis not wanting to get wet!
Jack running through the water!Cameron running through the puddle.Gillian and CameronGillian, Cameron and JackCameronCameron and Jack
We had such a great time!! The kids really liked the splash park. I still think they like the water park better but this is a close second!!!

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beth said...

That is so cool! I'm so glad you guys have such great stuff to do around there and such great friends to do stuff with! Is it free to go to the splash park?

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Ya! Its great!!! It 100% Free! =) I think we may go tomorrow! =)

beth said...

That is great!


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