Monday, August 18, 2008

Jack's 1st Day of Pre-Kindergarten!!!

August 11, 2008
M-F 12:15pm-2:45pm

Jack was SO excited all day on Monday the 11th to start school! He kept asking his it was time yet and that he wanted to go all day and not just half day! Right before we left Jack asked me if he could bring an apple to his teacher. I said yes and I got him an apple. I have NO idea where get got the idea from! When we got to the school we checked in at the office and then continued to his classroom. When we got there he saw his friend Daniel who he meet on Friday at Meet the Teacher day. He ran up to him and said "Hi! Do you remember me?" Then he gave his apple to Mrs. Maurisak. She was so happy and send home a Thank you note home with him for the apple! I only stayed for a minute or two. Just to see him line up and go outside and play for just a bit. I didn't make leaving or saying good bye a big deal I just let him do his thing and Gillian and I went home.

Gillian enjoyed having me all to herself. We played in the family room with Lego's and with Jack's Go Diego Go Lego set. Then she wanted to go down for a nap which I was a little sad I wanted to hang out more!

Ryan came home early from work to pick up Jack. He was so excited to see Daddy when we picked him up!

Jack eating lunch before school! Gillian eating lunch too!
Jack all ready to go! Jack in the car on the way to school. (The apple in his hand is for his Teacher!)
Gillian in the car on the way to take Jack to school! CHEEEEEESSSSSEEEE!!! Jack walking to school. Jack outside the building!On his way to his classroom.Jack outside his playground.Jack lining up getting ready to go outside to play. He is standing in line with Daniel his new friend.Kids lining up while Mrs. Maurisak ties shoes.Reading Corner!! Dinosaurs Jack's favorite!!Mrs. Maurisak counting all the kids to go outside. Jack and Daniel playing in the sand.Gillian playing with the Go Diego Go Lego set. Time to get Jack!

Jack had a fantastic day!

Jack walking home.

He wasn't so happy I was taking more pictures! LOLJack and Daddy walking and talking about his day!He looks sad in this picture But he's NOT.Thursday he came home with 3 art projects! He was so proud he made one for Daddy, Mommy and Gillian!

His Play-dough creations!For Daddy...For Mommy....For Gillian...He had a great week. Each day they cleaned up there stations they got one step closer to the X. Friday they got to the X and there was Treasure!! He got M & M's he was excited! He had been talking all week about how they got closer to the X but didn't get to it yet!


beth said...

I'm so glad Jack is having such a great time at school! I love all the pictures you took too! Great job!

beth said...

I tagged you! Check out my blog for the rules :)


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