Thursday, August 07, 2008

Camping Outside!!
August 7, 2008

After Gillian went to bed and Ryan was getting ready for bed Jack and I went out onto our porch outside our master bedroom. I read him a book and just relaxed while watching the sunset. Ryan joined us. I got everyone a drink it was just so nice. Jack then asked if he could have a sleep over on the porch. We both agreed that he could. Then he asked Ryan and I too sleep with him. I did answer him and went down stairs to get his sleeping bag and MY sleeping bag and a few extra blankets. I set everything up and he was SOOO happy to see my pink sleeping bag and was like "Your sleeping out side with me?!!!" I was like yeah!! I had Ryan take a few pictures of us. We got all cozy I told him a few stories he told me some stories and then it started to rain. Just a little and it felt good. We lasted outside until about 10pm and the rain and the wind was SOO bad and we were getting soaked we had to come in! =( I laid Jack in our bed for a bit until I brought all the blankets inside and set up a "new camp" in the family room downstairs and that's where we ended up sleeping! Even though we got rained out we still had SOOO much fun and would do it again!!! I actually think Ryan and Jack are going to try and sleep outside tonight if it doesn't rain!

Jack getting ready to sleep outside!
Jack all cozy by himself!
Jack and I getting ready to sleep outside on the porch!***I think I have "Bad Luck" when it comes to camping!!! It ALWAYS rains!!!!!! Oh Well!***


beth said...! You're such a great mom! I hope Jack and Ryan are able to have a camp out tonight! I'm sure Jack will be thrilled!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Aww! Thanks! We had so much fun!!! =)


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