Monday, November 05, 2007

While Daddy's Home......

Jack's Wish List of Fun!!!!

Narrated by Jack

Written by: Mommy

* Glow Golfing

* Doctor Office ??? Why? (Mommy asked) Because! replied Jack with a Big Grin!

* Climb a Tree

* Daddy tell me stories

* Just hang out

* Chuck-E-Cheese more and more Chuck-E-Cheese

* Color

* Jump on Daddy

* Watch Scooby Doo with Daddy

* Play date with Daddy

* Go to a walk with Daddy~NO Mommy and Gillian~We will be right back!

* Tunnel Slide Park with Daddy and walk to Dinosaur Park~NO Girls! Just Boy's!

* Hang out with Mommy and Daddy and Gillian and Girls!

* Play Survivor Man with Daddy

*Wrestle~I'm going to get Daddy!

* I'm going to jump on Daddy like Mario does!

* Tell Daddy I Love him and Miss him SO much!

* Watch ET~More and more ET

That's All the time I have to say!

Today while Jack and I were eating lunch we were talking about Daddy coming home Friday and he started to talk about all the things he wanted to do with Daddy! SO I hurried and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote everything down that he said and the way he said it! I had to post it! He is so very excited and right after we finished the list he went around GaGa's house calling and looking for Daddy!

~I am hoping to post Halloween pictures in the next day or so!

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beth said...

Jack is so funny! I'm glad he gets to see his daddy this week!


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