Thursday, November 29, 2007

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November 9, 2007

Daddy comes home today!!!! Wahoo!!!! We had a busy day getting ready for Daddy to come home. I baked him a Key Lime Pie, and a Pumpkin Turtle Pie for our early Thanksgiving Saturday. Mom/GaGa came and picked us around 5:30pm and we headed to the airport to pick Ryan up! We were all so excited to see him! Jack ran to him as soon as he saw him. When we got to the car Daddy gave Jack his special prize, a game that he had wanted for a while called EleFun. He was so excited. He brought Gillian a pink rattle which she loves!

Bath Time!!!

Gillian taking a bath to get ready for Daddy to come home! (She is posing for the camera!)
Jack got into the bath with Gillian to get ready for Daddy to come home!
Jack putting his Night Night (his favorite blanket) on Gillian to keep her warm.Gillian all cozy!Jack and Gillian both cozy on the floor!
Gillian in her stroller waiting for Daddy at the airport!
Ya! Daddy's home!!!! Jack ran to him as soon as he saw him! Big HUG!Waiting for his luggage.Gillian and I by the luggage claim.Family picture at the airport! Daddy and Gillian!Daddy giving Jack his prize!Daddy and Gillian back at home!
November 10, 2007

Today we hung out at the house during the morning then went over to Ryan and Ashely's to meet baby Devyn. Then headed to Mom and Iain's for our early Thanksgiving since Ryan wasn't going to be here for Thanksgiving. Or so I thought! =) We had a great evening. During dinner we all went around saying what we are thankful for and when it was Ryan's turn he said he was Thankful for his boss giving him an EXTRA week off. I just sat there smiling and nodding my head. He had said earlier he got the day after Thanksgiving off and I also thought he was talking about the week he was here. Then Sherry said "An Extra week!" and I still didn't get it! Blond moment!!!! Ryan finally had to flat out tell me that he was staying an extra week and will be leaving the 24th instead of the 18th! I was so excited!!!

Daddy reading to the kids.
Jack playing with his new game Elefun.Gillian "playing" too. (We all actually played!)Gillian all dressed up for our early Thanksgiving dinner. (The dress was huge on her but oh so pretty!) Daddy, GaGa and Jack playing Elefun.
Gillian watching everyone play the game!Jack playing his game.
Daddy, Jack, GaGa and Eva reading a book.Daddy and Gillian.
Gillian in Daddy's arms.Daddy and Gillian.Gillian playing in her port-a-crib.Daddy, Auntie Boook and Jack playing Elefun. Gillian.November 11, 2007

Today Grandpa Bob came over and we all went for a nice drive up in the mountains. The guy's were scouting for deer since Ryan will be hunting in a couple day's.
Jack and Daddy reading! Jack and Daddy playing with sticks.
Jack.Jack on Grandpa Bob's head. Jack said that this was "Dangerous!"

Jack pretending to build a fire.
After our long drive up to the mountains and back Jack was so tired. He fell asleep on the way home and Ryan carried him inside still in his car seat and he slept like this for about an hour or so.Daddy and the kids all cozy.

November 12, 2007
Today we went to the mall and played glow golf. We all had a great time. Then got Big City Burritos and went and visited Jim at his store Green and Gold.

Jack in his car seat waiting for Daddy to get us lunch! Gillian in her car seat.
Gillian sitting on the couch. She is wearing a pair of Jack's baby PJ's!
Jack fell asleep in the car and Daddy put him on the couch and he sleep there for an hour or more. He was so tired! Gillian and Daddy!November 13, 2007
Another busy day! We went to Sportsman's to get a few things that Ryan needed for hunting. Watched a movie and went over to Mom and Iain's to pick up a sleeping bag and a camera. Then went to Old Chicago's with our friends Jim and Kevin.

Gillian playing with her jungle gym. She is laughing in this picture.
Daddy and Gillian napping!
Jack and Gillian hanging out on the couch.
I think she is looking at her Daddy in this picture or maybe her brother.
Well that's all for know. Thanks for reading have a great day/night!

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