Monday, November 26, 2007

Update update update! I finally have a chance to update our blog! Well here it is at the end of November and the last blog was about Halloween! SO there is a ton to tell and show. This blog entry is from November 1st-8th.

OK lets see....

November 1, 2007

Today we went to the library for storytime. We go every Thursday at 10am. So much fun and the kids really enjoy it! After the library we went to Mom and Iain's to work.

Jack in front of the library. Gillian in her bouncer.
Jack didn't want to take a nap he said he wasn't tired. He just kept playing in his room. I let him be for a while and then he was very quite I came up stairs to find him fast asleep in my bed! So precious!

November 2, 2007

Today we worked at Mom and Iain's. Went home the kids took naps and then we went out to dinner with my friend Tara. We hadn't seen each other since July 4th. SO Gillian had changed a ton and it was the 1st time she saw my short hair cut! We had a great time catching up!

Gillian sleeping in her bouncer! Jack and Gillian. Jack just loves her so very much!
Jack not really wanting to smile for a picture. He looks like he is in pain! He is watching TV and playing with his truck at GaGa's house.
Jack reading a book in his room at GaGa's house.
Gillian playing in her port-a-crib having a good old time!Gillian all ready to go home. (Love the expression she is making!)
Jack rolling his tongue!!! Wahooo finally! He had been trying to do this for about a week or so. Until he went into the bathroom and watched himself and was finally able to do it! He was/is so excited to have learned to roll his tongue!
November 3, 2007

Today we stayed home and cleaned and organized. I packed a few more boxes.

Gillian in a great mood 1st thing in the morning!
Jack and Gillian on my bed.
Gillian in her bouncer! Gillian sleeping.
November 4, 2007

Today we went over to My Grandma Stephenson house. Uncle Johnie, Aunt Pam came over too. Ashley gave birth to Devyn Edward. We were all so very excited to here he was born! Jack stayed at Grandma GG's with my Dad. While Mom, Gillian and I went shopping for stuff for the condo. To stage it. I was also looking for a fridge but couldn't find one that I liked and that was cheap enough for me to buy for a place I'm hopefully not going to live in for to much longer!

Devyn Edward 8lbs 1oz 4:11pm Welcome to the world little one!

Jack and Uncle Johnie playing at Grandma GG's house.Aunt Pam and Gillian at Grandma GG's house. BIG HUG!!!! Jack and Uncle Johnie.
This picture makes me laugh! It took awhile to try and get this shot and it still didn't really turn out. But that's OK! Uncle Johnie, Gillian and Grandpa Dan at Grandma GG's house. Jack and Aunt Pam!November 5, 2007

Today we worked at Mom and Iain. And Jack came down with a cold! Poor boy! SO I had him rest. Which also ment I couldn't go to the hospital to visit Ryan and Ashley and meet Baby Devyn! Oh well!

Gillian in her bouncer.
Happy Girl!
Jack reading a book on the couch resting.Gillian playing with her jungle gym.Gillian in her car seat. Jack resting on the couch with Gillian. Gillian was napping and don't worry I had a pillow right by her but removed it to take the picture!What a happy girl Gillian is!

November 6, 2007

Today we had a showing scheduled from 12-1 so I went crazy cleaning the house. 10 minutes till the showing they canceled! I was so upset! But oh well what can you do. The house was perfectly clean which I LOVE!!!

Jack building with is Legos.
Gillian's Tummy Time!
Gillian playing on the floor. She is so cute! Gillian in her bouncer in the kitchen watching me cook dinner!
Gillian after her bath wearing my Onesie that I wore home from the Hospital. This is my Dad's favorite out fit of mine when I was a baby. So this picture is for you Dad!
Happy Jack! (He's looking so grown up!!!)November 7, 2007

Today I had my hair highlighted and cut. I wanted it to look great for when Ryan comes home on the 9th! Mom came over to watch the kids while I got my hair done. Then Holly and her friend Aubrey came over after there spa day.

So sweet.
Jack eating his breakfast on the chair.
Grandma Rhonda reading Jack a story. (Jack and the Bean Stalk)
Holly and Aubrey working on a project for a friend my computer.
Gillian all smiles again!My new hair color and cut!
Gillian and I. (Jack wouldn't get in the picture! Sleeping Angel!

November 8, 2007

Yay! Ryan comes home tomorrow! SO we cleaned and ran a few errands getting ready for him to come home. We also worked at Mom and Iain's today. I cut up a pumpkin for her into little cubs for her soup. She is making for our early Thanksgiving!
Jack sitting on the couch. Very Handsome!Gillian all happy in her car seat!Gillian playing on the floor at GaGa's house while I cut up the pumpkin!I need to fix the lighting on the photograph but I love it she is so happy and has a great smile! Well that's it for now. I will post another update blog ASAP! Thanks for reading! Have a great day/night!

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beth said...

I don't really have a favorite on this blog...almost every picture made me smile. Gillian had a bunch of really cute outfits on this blog. Jack is always so funny! I want to hold Gillian again...she is so sweet! Jack made us laugh so hard while we were visiting! He is so cute!


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