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October 28, 2007

Treatsylvania at Lee Martinez farm!!!!!!!

This is the 2nd year going to Treatsylvania with Audrey, Logan and Auntie Boooke. The kids had a blast and got a ton of candy. Gillian did great and just watched everyone around her. She wanted Mommy to hold her so thanks to Auntie Booke for taking pictures for us!!!!

Jack and Gillian in there costumes ready to go to the farm.
Audrey and Bumble Bee Logan waiting in line.
Dragon Jack getting ready to go into the barn.Jack and Logan.Auntie Boooke and Lady Bug Gillian.Mommy and Gillian. Gillian doesn't look to happy! Look at those big blue eyes!!! And what a face she is making!Jack knocking at the 1st door. Trick-or-Treat!Jack waiting at the next door.Yeah more candy!!!!Gillian, Jack and I at the next door.Logan! Instead of saying Trick-or-Treat she would say: "I want candy Please!"Jack the Dragon.From left to right: Gillian, Me(Kristin), Jack, Audrey and Logan.Hay Ride!Jack and Logan.The kids and I by a big blow up Ghost.Jack having a great time!The kids and I by the Haunted Castle. Jack thought this was the coolest!Jack and Logan in the haunted Castle. They just screamed while inside they were just to excited. Gillian, Me, Jack, Audrey, Logan and Auntie Boooke.
Auntie Boooke, Gillian, Logan and Jack. Jack and Logan trying to eat the plastic apples.Auntie Boooke and Gillian.
Auntie Boooke, Jack and Gillian.
The kids and I.
Jack found a kitty! He was so excited and called her Bella.
Audrey and Logan.
Gillian and I. (Another Picture!!!???)Jack and Logan enjoying a sucker.
Jack and this other Dragon had a dragon fight. The growled at each other and then started to laugh. They had fun playing.This was the hang out spot for the kids.October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom/GaGa!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to Mom and Iain's to work for most of the day. Came home and had a nice evening with the kids.

Jack eating breakfast.
Good Morning Gillian.
Jack and Gillian playing!Gillian cuing at Jack.Jack and Gillian. Jack and Gillian playing on the floor.
October 30, 2007
Today we ran a few errands work at Mom and Iain's and then I took the kids to a Corn Maze. That was so much fun! Gillian slept pretty much the whole time and Jack had a blast. I let him pick which way to go in the maze. The 1st maze we figured out in about 10 minute and then the 2nd one we figured it out in about 40 minutes. The 1st one was a 10 minute maze and the 2nd one was a 30 minute maze so we didn't do to bad!
Happy Girl! Gillian
Jack and Gillian playing with the jungle gym. Not sure what Gillian is looking at?!
Corn Maze........
Jack in the Pumpkin jail! Gillian in her stroller off to the side!
Gillian at the corn maze.
Jack playing on a hay stack.
Little Miss Maze was the 1st maze we did and Stalker was the 2nd!
Gillian getting ready to go into the maze.Jack getting ready to go into the maze.Here we go........
Jack and Gillian.
Jack in the corn maze.Jack and Gillian. Jack saying "Are you coming Mom and Baby Gillian?"
We Made it!!!!!!!
Jack at the exit of the Little Miss Mazie!!!Jack and Gillian at the exit!Gillian at the entrance of the 2nd maze Stalker.
Jack and Gillian at the entrance of the Stalker!
Here we go.........
Gillian sleeping in her stroller!Jack in the maze.Silly Family picture!!!Jack in the middle of the corn maze. So handsome.Jack and Gillian.
We made it!!!!!!! Wahooo!
Jack and Gillian at the exit!

It was a beautiful day!Jack feeling like he was on the top of the world!!! He was saying "Charge!!!!!!!!" over and over.
We came home and after dinner Jack and I made our special Halloween cake. Gillian supervised us!
Jack adding EVOO (As Rachel Ray calls Extra Virgin Olive Oil!) in to the cake!
Gillian making sure we are doing a good job!
Jack using the hand mixer for the 1st time.
What a great few day's! I love this time of year! I will post Halloween pictures as soon as I can! Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog!

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beth said...

I love the kids' costumes! They both look so cute!

You'll have to post a picture of Jack's cake all finished.


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