Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Finally I have a chance to post our Halloween pictures!!! What a great day we had! Gillian's 1st Halloween!!!! We met my friend Karen and her son Dillon (Jacks best friend!) at Old Town for our 3rd year in a row for The Tiny Tote Parade. After that was over we went to Grandpa Bob's so he could see the kids. Then went to GaGa's house so she could see the kids then went home. Jack and I decorated his Creepy Cake while Gillian supervised. Ran a few errands picked up the pizza and Mom, Dad, Danny and James came over for dinner and trick-or-treating.

Gillian's 1st Halloween! In her Halloween jammies that says "I take after my Mummy!" Miss Lady Bug Gillian.
What a face. She wasn't so sure about her costume!
Jack looking at the fountain in Old Town waiting for Dillon and Karen.
Gillian sleeping in her stroller.
Dragon Jack and Lady Bug Gillian.
Dragon Jack.
Dragon Jack and Scooby Doo Dillon.
Here we go...... Trick-or-Treat
Jack and Dillon holding hands on their way to the next store!
Karen won a Christmas Ornament in a raffle so while she was getting that I stayed outside with the kids and the boy's ran around this tree.Gillian still asleep while the boys are being crazy!Gillian waving!In Line for the next stop!Gillian sucking on her fingers! She gave up her paci for her fingers! (She is teething!)Jack hanging on a fence while standing in line for the next store!The boy's getting MORE Candy!Jack deciding what kind of candy to pick!Jack and Gillian.
Shes AWAKE! "Whats going on????????"Dragon Jack walking to the next store for more candy!!!Jack at the After Party at the Sunset Event Center. They have a dance, cookies, hot chocolate.....Gillian asleep again at the after party.Karen, Dillon, Gillian and Jack at the after party.
Jack and Gillian about to leave the crazy after party. It was SO crowded!Jack laying on the fish in Old Town. He is so worn out by this point!
Jack and Gillian by the fish and bear play area.Jack walking on the ledge in Old Town on our way to our car.
Grandpa Bob, Gillian and Jack.
Grandpa Bob and Gillian.
Gillian back asleep at GaGa's house.
GaGa and Gillian.Jack, GaGa and Gillian.
Jack frosting our cake.
Gillian supervising.Our Creepy Cake half way decorated with "Dirt" and "Blood".Jack putting on an eye ball on the cake.Jack pretending to put his own eye ball on the cake. (FYI:He ate this one it didn't go on the cake!)
Jack and the hand.Close up of our hand we made.Gillian laughing.Our Creepy Crawler Cake all finished! MMMMMMMM
Our Jack-O-Lantern Pizza I picked up from Papa Murphy's!Apple Monster teeth. Jack really liked these!
Our food for the evening! We also had apple cider, Pumpkin spice egg nog......Grandpa Dan holding Gillian.Jack Trick-or-Treating at his 1st house for the evening.Uncle Danny went up with him to some of the doors.
I thought these pumpkins were fun!
Grandpa Dan went with Jack to the last half of the houses. Drinking some water after Trick-or-Treating.The Kids and I.Grandpa Dan, Jack, Grandma Rhonda and Gillian.Jack's BIG Bowl of candy!!!!He got some GOOD stuff!!What a GREAT Halloween! Only thing missing was Ryan!

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beth said...

I love Gillian's Halloween pajamas! Wow...Jack did get a lot of good candy! You did a great job on the food for your evening!


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