Sunday, April 10, 2011

So I guess I post too many pictures!!!!!

LOL so I started uploading images for my post today. I was super excited to be on top of the blog and be up to date!!! I was going to blog about the CSU International Fair the kids and I along with my good friend Audrey and her oldest daughter Logan. We had a blast!!! I took a ton of pictures OK well maybe only a handful of pictures. But anyway I wanted to share them with you all. But then I get this nasty alert from Blogger!! Saying and I quote:

"Whoops! You're out of space. You are using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos."...... 

 Oh No say its not true!!!!! So looks like I need to go through my images and DOWNSIZE a bit. I have been blogging since 2006 and knowing how many pictures I take and the handful I post on here...... So sad news to say I will NOT be posting the wonderful pictures from our day at the kids fair until I can get more room in the storage for more pictures! 

And of course what's a BLOG without pictures!!! So I found a few from past blog post! 

Here is one from June or July 2007 at the Back Porch restaurant Fort Collins, Colorado Audrey, Logan and Jack. So glad I found this image Jack and Logan have been special friends for a very long time!!! ;)

Sweet Baby Gillian 2007 New West Feast Old Town Fort Collins! Love this image of her!! She was so clam and peaceful! =) We had just got back into town from a nice picnic and hike up the Poudre.

LOVE this picture of Jack! 2007

Thanks for reading!!!


Audrey, Dave, Logan, Ellie, and Molly said...

That is too funny! I don't know anyone who has run out of blog space before! Only you, Kristin. ;o)

I love that picture of Jack and Logan, btw. I always forget how long it took for her hair to come in. LOL. We all really have been friends for a long time now, huh? I consider myself so very lucky for that. I love you Kristin!

Kristin McConnell said...

LOL I know Audrey leave it to me!!! I ended up paying the $5 for 20GB extra a year for my blogs! Since I do have two one for personal and the other for photography I figured it was a good investment! LOL

I can't believe how little they both look! Gillian's hair was the same way it took FOREVER to come in too!!!
Love you too Audrey!!

Scott and Beth said...

That picture of Jack is one of my favorites!!! I always loved it!


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