Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Changing the World!

Last night Jack says to me: "Mom I'm going to Change the World!" I reply "I know you will! You already have!" That was pretty much the end of the conversation and he went to bed.

Tonight after dinner Jack read to the family five different books! He is such an amazing reader for a 1st grader! <3

After reading he had this overwhelming inspiration! He began to tell us he is going to find a cure for cancer. He wanted to schedule a family meeting for Friday evening to discuss how to cure cancer.

We came downstairs started to get ready for bed and he begins to tell me he is going to clean up Japan and help prevent Earthquakes from happening in the future. He asked me at what age he could have a cell phone. I said "around 16/18????" He said "OK then I'll have a commercial telling everyone who has cancer to call me and I will tell them how to cure their cancer." He began to talk about Africa and how he wanted to teach them to read, help them with their sicknesses, build them homes, roads and schools.

He wants to invent a force field for the army to help protect America and help stop the wars. He told me he is going to be President of United States one day. I told him he has my vote................ He went on and on of all the amazing ideas he has and want to do.

He has inspired me and amazes me each and ever day! I love him so very much!!!

After tucking him into bed he asks if he could read just a bit longer because he needs/wants to study.

I go into my room and get ready for bed when he pops into my room saying "MOM I know how to cure cancer!!!!!" "You do? How?" I ask "He begins to tell me about DNA and strands of hair....... I can't tell you to many details since Jack is the one that need too! =)

He goes back to bed and comes in to my room again telling me that his brain keeps telling him to study and learn as much as he can. "I tell him that Yes you do need to study, read and learn as much as you can! BUT your brain needs rest and to take advantage of resting his brain so he is fresh and ready to learn even more tomorrow!".....

He is still awake and trying to fall asleep as I write this!

I am one proud Momma and I know his Daddy is very proud of him as well! He had a long conversation with Ryan this evening filling him in on his quest to finding a cure for cancer!

No matter what he does in this world he is going to do great things! I love him so very much!!!!!!!!!!

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Scott and Beth said...

This post was so adorable! What a sweet little boy! Just so precious!


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