Sunday, April 10, 2011

CSU International Kids Carnival

 {Ya! I can now post more images!!!!}

Such a fun Day! CSU had this wonderful event there was games, music, dancing, fashion show and activities. Each station had a different craft from a different country. Kids had a blast going from station to station. We got there around 2:30pm and left around 5pm and we didn't get a chance to visit all the booths. I hope they have this event again next year!

Hand in Hand

Jack and Logan walking in to the event!!! So sweet! <3

Audrey, Logan, Gillian and Jack making a bracelet with a bell. Girls made pink of course and Jack's was Black.
 Making Masks

 Gillian's finished Mask! Fun!
 Jack, Logan and Gillian with their finished masks.


Logan went first! 
 Then Gillian. {Jack didn't want a henna tattoo}

 Gillian had both hands done. Audrey and I got one too! =)
 Gillian coloring!

 Jack coloring
 Logan coloring
 Jack drew the Pirate ship!
 Face painting time!!!

 Pretty Flowers

 Jack and his spider and Logan with her Hearts!
 Eeee Spider! ;)

 Hand prints on a flag.

 Jack made a Poi Ball

 Bead Bracelets
 Making a Flag
 Cotton Candy outside the Ball room

 Cotton Candy Face Gillian! LOL
 Mmmm Cotton Candy
 Happy Girl Leaving the Event! =)

We had a Blast! Thanks for reading! =)

Have a fabulous day! =)

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