Friday, April 29, 2011

Gillian's "Field Trip" Playing Games

February 28, 2011

I loved having Gillian's preschool in the High school. Such a wonderful program. One of the High School classes made games that were for Preschool age kids. They wanted to test them out on the Lil' Jags to see if the kids enjoyed them, and that they were age appropriate..... Gillian was in the first group to try out the games. She had to be at school a little bit earlier then normal which worked out great so Jack and I could watch a little while. 

Gillian signing in for the day!

Gillian playing her 1st High School Game.

Onto another game!

Back in her classroom, playing Mommy.
At the end of each day she had to erase her name
Ready to go back home!

She had such a fun time playing all the fun games that the High School Class put together for them!

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