Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter! SO much fun. We had a fun filled day. Started the day off with the kids finding there Easter Baskets and then finding all the Easter Eggs hidden around the house. After the eggs had all been found Jack colored Easter Eggs while Ryan and I made a nice breakfast. After breakfast Jack looked for Easter Eggs in the backyard. Then off to a Pre Season Cubs game. That was so much fun. We went with Bob, Jeanna, Bob's Mom and her Boyfriend and his daughter. We sat in the grass area and watched the game. There were so many kids Jack had a blast. A few girls that sat next to us asked Jack to play Easter Egg hunt with them so he helped hide and find eggs almost the whole time. They colored and just had a great time. We left the game early it was so hot. In the 90's and the kids were getting to warm. Came home cooled down by having a water gun fight with Jack's New water guns from the Easter Bunnie got him.

Gillian's basket waiting for her to find it!
Jack finding eggs around the house.
Jack hugging his Easter basket
Jack found his Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny
Jack and Daddy opening his Easter Basket
Jack and Daddy helping Gillian find her basket.Gillian and Daddy with her Easter Basket
Jack helping Gillian with her basketGillian got a baby doll and a teething ringGillian playing with her doll and teething ringGillian playing in the Family roomJack and Gillian playingJack coloring eggsGillian playing with some plastic eggsGillian studying the eggs
Jack showing off one of his eggs he colored.
Jack and Gillian in the dining roomJack coloring
Jack watching Daddy while coloring
Look Mom!Daddy, Jack coloring eggs and Gillian watching while eating her breakfast.
Jack and his basket of all the eggs he colored.He did such a great job!Gillian eating her breakfastJack holding the Florida Gators egg Daddy colored.Go Gators
Jack talking to GaGa, Grandpaski and Auntie Boook before breakfast
Jack and Gillian
Gillian all dressed up for Easter
Pretty Gillian
Gillian and Daddy out back while Jack finds eggs
Jack and all the eggs he found out side.
Gillian relaxing outsideGillian and DaddyGillian she loves her toes.
Jack finding more eggs. Gillian swinging
Wow! Look at all those eggs in his arms.
Jack and Gillian
Gillian playing with Easter Eggs in the back yard
Gillian playing with the basket.
So beautiful!Jack and GillianJack and GillianJack and Gillian
Jack and Gillian
Easter Kisses
KissGillian playing
Gillian outside
Jack and Daddy playing with bubbles.
Gillian watching Daddy and Jack blow bubbles.SO BIG!
Happy EasterHow Big is Gillian??? SO BIG
Daddy blowing bubbles for Gillian
Bubbles bubbles bubbles...She loved the bubbles Gillian
Handsome Jack eating some candy from his Easter Basket!
Gillian watching the bubbles fly by.
Jack sitting on the counter.
Jack eating a hard boiled egg Easter Egg
Gillian playing in the Family Room
Jack playing with his water gun.
Jack and Daddy water gun fight
Gillian sitting inside staying cool watching Daddy and Jack's water gun fight.
Daddy getting Jacks head.
Jack and Mommy having a water gun fight.
Jack and Mommy water gun fight.
What a great and fun day! I will post pictures from the game soon. They are still on Ryan's camera.

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beth said...

Yay...thanks for posting all the new pictures! The ones of Gillian in the chair outside playing with her feet were so adorable! I also LOVED the ones of Jack kissing Gillian! Looks like a fun, WARM day! I wish we had your warm weather!


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