Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gillian Taylor McConnell is 9 Months Old Today!!!!!!

Wow! Where does the time go!

She has cut her 2 bottom front teeth! She is sleeping through the night as well as taking 2 naps during the day which she wasn't doing before. She can pull herself up and walk around small tables. She scoots around the floor. Mainly backwards right now! She called me Mommy today! That made me so happy! She has been able to say Daddy for awhile now. She is now eating table foods. Anything that is similar to baby food she wont eat. She is too "BIG " for baby food or so she thinks. She is such a joy!!!!

Gillian playing outside today! Thanks for reading! I will post Easter pictures later! Ryan has a few pictures from Easter on his camera and he is in CO for business until Friday! Miss you all! Love, Kristin

1 comment:

beth said...

I love this picture of Gillian! I can't wait to see your Easter pictures! I'm glad Ryan is coming home tonight!


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