Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Easter Continued....

I thought I would post some more pictures from Easter. After we finished looking for eggs and dying eggs we went out to lunch and then to the Cub's PreSeason Game. That was a lot of fun. Very HOT but fun. Jack played Easter Egg Hunt with some girls that sat next to us, then they colored, played hide and go seek, tag..... We had a great time!!!

Jack eating lunch at Souper Salad. Gillian at lunch
Gillian eating lunch
Jack and Gillian under an umbrella trying to stay cool in the 90*+ weather at the Cubs PreSeason Game.
Jack and Gillian
Cubs vs Patriots
Gillian and Jack enjoying there drinks
Daddy and Gillian
Field again
Gillian relaxing in the shade
Jack sitting closer to the fields

Family picture at the game
Jack holding the baseball bat Bob bought for him
Isn't he Handsome?!
What a great Easter! We had the best day!!!
Thanks for reading have a fantastic day!

1 comment:

beth said...

I love the picture of Jack with his new bat and the one of Gillian sitting on the blanket with the hat on...very cute!!! Great family picture too! Miss you!


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