Friday, April 11, 2008


What a wonderful thing it is to be a Mom.

I was just rocking Gillian and looking at her precious little fingers her sweet face listening to her soft coos. What joy. After she feel asleep I laid her back into her crib and she looks so peaceful sleeping all bundled in her pink blanket. I peak in on Jack still asleep so peaceful. My handsome boy so strong and smart. Growing up so fast. My baby no more.

While standing in the hall between the kids room just thinking about how much they rely on Ryan and I. How trusting they are. Their little lives in our hands and depend on us to give them what they need. To be there for them when they are happy, sad, hurt or mad.

I am so very blessed to be their Mother. I love them so much! I can not even start to tell you how much I love them.

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