Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh yeah that's right Gillian peed in the potty TWICE today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last night she was acting like she was about to poop. So Ryan said go put her on the potty. I ran up stairs and got Jacks old potty seat. Set it on the potty and set her down. She loved it. But nothing happened. So this morning as soon as she woke up I took her I sat her on the potty and she peed!!!!!!!!!!!! I was/am so proud of her! Then after her afternoon nap I sat her on the potty again and she peed AGAIN!!! Oh yeah!!!! Potty training at 10 month!!!!!!!!! Wahooo! What a smart little girl we have! We are so so so sooooooo very proud of her!

Gillian sitting on the potty last night for the 1st time!!!
Gillian sitting on the potty today after going pee pee!!!! She's SO happy!!!!!!!! (Yes I censored here photo's! LOL I just did a quick edit! Nothing profesional)
Gillian SO Proud of herself!
What a girl! 10 month old and peeing in the potty!!!!!!!! =)

1 comment:

beth said...

What a smart baby you have! She looks adorable on the potty :)


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