Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our House and Yard!!!

I thought I would share some pictures of what we have done with the yard and some of the house and garage so far.

Our Messy Garage Before............. AfterOur Beautiful house with both our cars in the garage. Ryan's work truck still has to park on the drive way but that's ok.Formal Dining Room and living room looking from the stairs.Another view! (Sorry there a little dark!)Front Door, Stairs and Living Room view from Dining room.Living Room From Dining room looking toward the Family room.Another view showing the opening in the wall from the Dining room to the Family Room.Ryan brought home a cactus for the yard in March. Here is Jack watering it after Ryan planted it in the front! He loves his cactus!Here is our "Dead Tree" Oh so we thought when we moved in! It has the prettiest purple flowers on it! I'm so excited! Its beautiful even if it leans! Close up of the purple flowers on our tree.You have to love Wal-Mart! I got several flowers for really cheap!!! =) Here they are! I am SO excited about this garden project!!! This is the West side of our house. On the right hand side of this picture is our Kitchen window and our Dining room in the kitchen window. When you look out while doing dishes or eating dinner you just see a lovely grey wall! So I had the idea to plant two Bougainvilleas out side the window's so we would have something pretty to look at!

Getting ready to pant the 1st Bougainvillea.1st one planted! Oh it looks so pretty!
Close up
Just another view! They are small right now only about a foot and a half but they will grow!
Getting ready to plant the 2nd Bougainvillea.
Fun Fun!
Number 2 planted!
Here they are! Doesn't it look great?!Jack getting ready to help me plant some more flowers on the back fence to the South of the house.

Front Yard

I planted 3 pots for the front.Here is one of the pots. The flowers are just about to bloom.Pot number 2
Pot number 3
Just another view of the front of our house.
So there is a little tour of our house and yard. I will post more pictures of the house later. I need to take a few more pictures!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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beth said...

Nice collection of dead animals you've got in the garage :)

I love all of your plants and flowers! Our Wal-Mart has really pretty flowers as well...even nicer than the local nursery.


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