Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Family Update!

Ryan~ He is working very hard and putting in some long hours during the week. But has been able to take most Friday's off for a 3 day weekend which is great!

Kristin~I am officially a Student of ISSA (International Sports Science Association) I just got my text book and study material today! I am taking an at home online course to get my Personal Trainers Certification. I had an interview with the Anthem Community Center about starting a Mommy and Me Fitness Class. I can teach there as soon as I get my Certification. I also have to take a CPR class to be certified. SO I will be busy studying!

Jack~Absolutely is his favorite word right now. He is loving swimming and playing at the park. He makes friends very easily. He found a baby scorpion in our back yard a week ago! YUCK! He was out side playing and Ryan and I where inside when we hear Jack Yell "Mommy I caught a scorpion!" I didn't really think it was real he plays pretend a lot so I went to check it out and sure enough under his plastic bin there was a tiny scorpion. Ryan came to look and that was the end of the scorpion.

Gillian~She now says DONE and signs up when she is done eating. She can climbs up 4 steps on the stairs. She can sit up from her belly or back she can walk from the table to the couch with no problem. She can just stand up in the middle of the room with out holding onto anything. She plays with toy's standing alone. She is eating table food. She will not eat anything Mommy has to feed her. With the exception of nursing. She is also sleeping through the night........
Well I think thats about it for now!

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beth said...

Aww...thanks for the update! Both pictures are adorable! Jack is so funny! I'm glad Ryan is able to take a lot of Fridays off! That is great!


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