Monday, December 01, 2008

Mr. Bears visit to Jack's house!
November 24-30, 2008
Mr. Bear is a Teddy Bear who lives at the PreSchool and goes home to each of the kids house for a long week or weekend. And has been doing so for 3 years. This was Jack's week with Mr. Bear. He was so excited to have Mr. Bear for Thanksgiving. At the end of Mr. Bears visit I had to print out pictures and write a journal entry into Mr. Bears Journal. This is such a fun and creative idea! I just LOVE Jack's School!!!
Jack took Mr. Bear for a ride on his Tricycle. Mr. Bear and Jack all cozy in bed.
Jack reading a FANTASTIC book called A Story For Bear By Dennis Haseley & Jim LaMarche
Great book very sweet! Jack and Mr. Bear in the Parking Garage at the Airport to pick up Auntie Boook.Jack and Mr. Bear on a walk to the Park!
We had so much fun with Mr. Bear! We will miss him!

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beth said...

This is such a neat idea! I LOVE that last picture you got! That is precious!


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