Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trunk or Treat
October 30, 2008

We went to Trunk or Treat at the Diamond Canyon School her in Anthem with Megan, Danny and Alexis. I was watching Alexis that night while Katie (Her Mommy) was in the hospital giving birth to Grayson. We had so much fun. And the kids got a ton of candy!

Batman Danny, Spiderman Jack, Social Butterfly Gillian. Batman Danny, Spiderman Jack, Social Butterfly Gillian, Little Red Riding Hood Alexis.The boy's at there 1st car trunk or treating!
Megan helping Gillian trunk or treat
Jack and Danny
GillianJack, Gillian and Alexis
Gillian putting her candy in her bucketDanny, Jack and Gillian
AlexisJack, Alexis, Gillian and MeganMegan and Gillian in a cake walk! They won some cookies! =)
Jack and Alexis watching Danny, Gillian and Megan do the cake walk
Jack in the cake walk
Alexis in the car ready to go to our house.
Super Hero's in Action!
Jack and Danny
Gillian in the car all ready to go home!
Jack and Alexis reading a Halloween book
Gillian trying to get Alexis candy!Alexis
Jack looking at all his candy he got!
We had a great time! =)

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beth said...

How fun! I love all their costumes! I also LOVE the picture of Jack and Alexis reading the book...too cute!


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