Saturday, October 04, 2008

Playing at the Park!
October 2, 2008
The kids and I walked down to the mail box to get the mail. We then decided to go on an adventure and ended up at one of the small parks by our house. The kids played for a while then we left to go on another adventure walk. This time Jack was the leader and Gillian and I followed him. We ended up finding a new small park that we had never been to before. The kids both were excited to see this ark had swings! Gillian LOVED to swing!
Gillian with Cell Phone and Keys in hand!
Jack being crazy!
Big hugs!
Jack swinging. He thought he was too big for the baby swing BUT wanted to swing by his Sister so he go in anyway!
Jack and Gillian having a great time swinging!
Beautiful Gillian!

We had SO much fun! We may go on another Adventure walk today! =)

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beth said...

I LOVE that first upclose picture of Gillian! It is so good of her!


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