Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Fun Weekend!

October 25-26

Saturday we took the kids over to Bob's new house and then we went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards we went Halloween costume shopping and then went to a corn maze. It took FOREVER to find it and I'm sure Ryan and Bob will both tell you I was getting pretty grumpy driving around to find this corn maze! After about an hour of driving around we FOUND it!!! Yeah!!! And all was good! We had so much fun! BUT then everyone kept mistaking Gillian for a BOY so that got on my nerves. LOL But I can see why I had her in blue jeans and an orange Halloween shirt. I forgot her bow. Then Sunday we met Katie, Jason, Alexis, Kelly, Clifton and Cameron at the Autumnfest at the park here in Anthem! We had so much fun. We picked out pumpkins and carved and painted them there. That was awesome so no mess at our house! =) Had lunch with Katie, Jason and Alexis and Hillary who is Katie's friend from Portland, Oregon. That was fun.

A huge Turkey at the petting zoo at the Corn MazeThe McConnell's being Silly! King of the Mountain. The Family Maze was so much fun they had mail boxes with clues and trivia through out the maze. Jack was awesome with finding these mail boxes! Our cute couple pose! =)Gillian and Daddy! Pretty Sunset in the Corn Maze
Gillian and IDaddy and Jack being crazy! Sweet GillianJack and Gillian
Gillian walking towards the 3 Little Pigs Houses Gillian in a box full of cornJack racing ducks with a water pump Anthem Autumnfest October 26, 2008

Gillian picking out her pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.
Jack picking out his pumpkin at the pumpkin patchGillian looking at the ducks on the lake.

Jack carving his pumpkin
Daddy helping carve the pumpkin

Jack's pumpkin
Katie and Alexis (Katie about to pop!!!!)
Clifton and Cameron
Jack and his new sunglasses
Gillian with her new sunglasses
We had such a great weekend! I will post Colorado pictures as soon as I get my CD in the mail from Jess! Thanks Jess for burning your pictures for me!!!! =)


beth said...

You got some awesome pictures over the weekend! Love the ones of Gillian on the hay, the one of you and Ryan, the one of Ryan and Gillian walking...so sweet! And...the sunset is so pretty!

Kristin,Ryan,Jack and Gillian said...

Aww! Thank you! We had a great time! =)


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