Sunday, April 15, 2007

We went camping this weekend with Sherry, Iain and Jessica. We had a blast. We just went up the canyon a ways and found a public camping ground. We where the only people up there until 7pm and then the camp ground filled up. But it was really nice. We had skipping rock competitions and fished and just relaxed. Ryan and I met a couple with a 5 year old and after everyone went to bed we joined them for a while. I also had Ryan take my 6 month prego picture while we where up there. He are a few pictures from our trip.

On the way up the mountain!

Jack fishing with a stick
Jack and Daddy

Jack and Daddy

Jack Fishing
From left to right: Iain, Sherry, Jack, Jess and RyanSunRise
6 month Prego Picture


beth said...

How fun! And look how cute you are! You look so cute pregnant! I love the pictures of Jack fishing! Those are so adorable! How many nights did you all stay?

Kristin,Ryan and Jack said...

Just one! It was a lot of fun. A little cold in the morning but we had a blast.

Kristin,Ryan and Jack said...

Oh and Thank you! I love being Pregnant!


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