Monday, April 23, 2007


Ryan and I went to AZ on Thursday until Sunday. To house hunt. We had a great trip. He are still in the looking phase. We wont be in the buying phase until we sell our house. Jack stayed Thursday until Saturday morning with my parents and Saturday and Sunday with Ryan's Mom. We got to AZ around 4pm on Thursday and got our rental car and headed to our hotel. After we got settled in we called Bob Ryan's friend who lives in AZ and we went out to dinner. Friday morning we went to the mall and looked around. They have a GREAT mall. A lot bigger then our mall in FC! Around 11:30am our Realtor picked us up and we looked at several new home that will be finished around August. Then we went to In and Out Burger for lunch. And then meet up with Bob again and we went to several places to get drinks and see the night life. Saturday morning we went around AZ with Bob and he showed us Glendale's great shopping center and around town. After that we played frisbee golf well the guys played I watched. Then out to dinner. At a buffet that had a special ALL you can eat crab for only $8.99. Sunday morning Ryan and I went to Tempe to look around and then off to the airport.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Picture of one of AZ country clubs. You can't really see it but the tree has really pretty purple flowers on it:

Palm Trees and the Mountains:One of the model homes we liked:Another model home we liked:Glendale's Shopping Center water feature they play music to the water:Most people think of AZ as brown and no green BUT they actually do have a lot of green and a lot of pretty flowers here are a few we saw:

By the pool:Outside of our hotel:

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beth said...

What beautiful pictures! I love both of those house...I really love the second one! That fountain is really cool! Good to know you have a nice mall too!


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