Saturday, March 31, 2007

Picnic in The Forest......

Today Aunt Jess, Jack and I meet Ryan at school for a picnic lunch on his break from his BIG Associates of Construction Test that he had today. 9 hour test! He's glad to have that done! Any way on Campus there was a little spot with a picnic table in the middle of several Pine Trees. Jack called it the forest he was so excited. He looked for pine cones and gave each of us one and sad that the pine cone was a very special pine cone! So cute!
After lunch Jess and I took Jack to City Park to play he had a blast! We where there for 2 1/2 hours. Then came home for a quick nap and then it was off the Jackson's for dinner with Ryan and Ashley and then Jim and Beth came it was a really nice evening. Until we got home.... It was just Jack and I Ryan stayed to watch Florida Basketball Game. They are in the final 4. Anyway I opened the door and Bella (our cat) ran out door. I couldn't catch her. I turn around and Jack is sitting on the grass crying and saying "My friend Bella's gone!" I told him after story time I would look for her. She was gone until about 5 minutes ago and she came back flew into the house like she missed us. So yeah we have our cat back! But poor Jack was so sad to think she was gone forever. It broke my heart!

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beth said...

Holy cow...a 9 hour test! Poor Ryan! I'm sure he is glad to have that over with!

How fun to have a picnic! Jack always says the cutest things!


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