Friday, November 10, 2006

Well I thought I would finish tell you all about our Halloween weekend! Yeah I know it was over a week ago but oh well!
That evening we carved the pumpkins and went to Chuck-E-Cheeses. We went to Treatsylvania at Lee Martinez Farm for a not so haunted house. It was so much fun. Jack had a blast!!! They had little booths that had door for the kids to knock on sponsored by stores around Ft. Collins. Jack would run ahead of us and knock on the door. If they didn't open the door quick enough he would open the door and then after they gave him his candy he would shut the door for them. So cute! We went with another couple and there daughter Logan along with my Sister-In-Law Jessica. We had a great time! Here are a couple pictures from that night. Oct 28, 2006

Jack was so star struck to meet Big Bird. He just stood there in aw for a minute or two. He was just so excited. We ended the night with a cookie in the party room then off to bed we went. We all had a great night. And Jack got a TON of candy!

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