Friday, November 10, 2006

Halloween 2006 at 10am Daddy, Jack and I headed down to Old Town for the Tiny-Tote Parade. We met up with our friends Karen, Matt and there son Dillon. We went trick-or-treating to all the stores in Old Town. Jack had a blast and got a TON of candy!!!!!!! We ended around 12ish or so at the Sunset Event Center for a Monster Dance and cookies and Hot Chocolate. Then we at lunch ate Jimmy Johns then off to Grandpa Bob's house. So he could see Jack in his costume. Here are a few pictures from that morning.

Jack sitting on the bench waiting for the Tiny-Tote Parade to begin. It was soooooo cold that day!!!!!

Jack on his way to the next store.

Jack and his friend Dillon.

Jack and Grandpa Bob after the Tiny-Tote Parade. Then off for a nap to rest up fo trick-or-treating.

Jack in front of our house in the pumpkin patch!

Later that evening we took Jack out to Trick-or-Treat we stayed out for about an hour and a half. Of course here are a few pictures from that evening.

The 1st house Jack went trick-or-teating at.

Jack loved this Halloween decoration. When you moved it would say Trick-or-Treat and wave its arms up and down. He played with it at least a minute or two before going up to the door.

Jack blowing out the Jack-O-Lanterns after the night was over. We has a GREAT Halloween this year. I hope you did too!!!!!!!!

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Scott & Beth said...

I love the one of Jack knocking on the door! That is too cute!

I miss you!


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