Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tiny Tigers ATA Karate

March 2,2009

Jack just started Karate the beginning of March. He loves it and is doing very well! It is so much fun watching him in class. He has received 2 blue Stars and a Black Strip!

Here are some pictures from his 1st and 2nd class!

Jack already to start class. Sitting on his Star.Gillian playing with the train set will Jack's in class. She has so much fun going to his classes as well. We pull up to the building and she says "Karate Karate Karate!" The start of his 1st class!Rocket Ship Jumping JacksGillian watching Jack do Rocket ships.KicksJack getting a High Five for doing a great Job!
Jump switch (He is great at these!)

Listening Pose
#3 Side Kicks
It looks like Jack is punching the other kids in the face, But he's not! lol

Lining up to kick the blocks.
Jack's 1st time kicking the blocks!Class #2

Jack got the lead the class for a little while! That was awesome and he did a great job!
I am so excited we put Jack in Karate! I think its going to be very good for him!

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Beth said...

How cute! I love his karate outfit! What a fun thing for him to do! I'm sure he just loves it!


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