Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Family Update!!!

January 2009

January was a fun and busy month! I had some major computer problems so that was one reason for my blogs stopping! =( But thanks to an External Hard Drive my wonderful Mother-in-Law got me and to Bob for re-building my computer I am up and running again! =)

We started out the month with a family trip to the Wildlife Zoo in Glendale AZ. We had sooo much fun!

Here are some pictures form our day!

Warning!!! XXX Picture below! LOL

These Turtles what can I say... They brought a BIG crowed all around then! The Male Turtle was SO loud you could here him grunt from several yards away! I never knew Turtles made any sound at all! LOL
Jack coming down from feeding the Giraffes.
Jack standing like a Flamingo.
Gillian on Daddy's shoulders.
Gillian looking at the Ducks and baby monkey's!

Pretty Bird!
Daddy and Gillian
Gillian holding her blanket and baby.
She had a blast making her shadow move!

Jack touching a Starfish.


I will be posting another blog very soon and continue the update! =)

1 comment:

Beth said...

What a fun day! I LOVE that photo of Gillian in b/w with her blanket in color! It is VERY sweet!


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