Thursday, January 08, 2009

December 27, 2008

January 7th, 2009 Gillian had her 18 month wellness appointment. It went great.
She is now 22lbs 18% and 32ins tall 81%! Wow Crazy!
Doc says she is going to be tall and thin! =)
Most of you know but we moved her to a BIG Girl Bed! She LOVES it!! Well its really just her crib without the sides. Its a grow with me crib.
She is really talking a lot. And can tell you for the most part what she wants or needs.
She loves to look at books and be read too. Brushing her teeth and putting "pretties" in her hair. Such a girly girl! We are working on her ABC and animal sounds. She loves puppies!!! And can point them out at the park or while in the car. "Puppy Puppy!!!!" We also have a cat that likes to hang out in our back yard and she love watching him walk the fence! She knows and can point out all her body parts. While in the car the other day she was saying "house" to all the houses, "Bus" to the buses and "Car" to the cars........
She is such a Mommy and love taking care of her baby dolls.
I know she is doing and saying a ton more but can't think of it all right now!
Gillian's Big Girl bed
Gillian's Big Girl room Getting cozy! She looks tired in the pictures. It was getting close to bed time when I took this!Happy Girl in her BIG Girl Bed!!! She was SOOO excited to go to bed that night! She didn't even want to brush her teeth which she LOVES!!
Gillian totally into the Puppy Book!
Mom I'm reading here please STOP taking Pictures! =)

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Beth said...

These pictures are soooo cute of Gillian! Love all the ones in her big girl bed and LOVE the ones of her reading!


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