Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lu'au Party....

May 12, 2007 we had a BIG La'ua Party to celebrate Ryan's Graduation from CSU. Here are a few pictures from the party....

Jack wearing a Hawaiian Hat.
Cousin Ryan and Ryan with the Pig we roasted.Flipping the Pig over.
The guy's looking at the Pig.
Jack in his Lu'ah clothes.
Jack getting cozy with Grandpa.

The kids playing in the flooded field. (We did this on purpose for the kids)

Everyone partying!
Jack and his girlfriend Logan.The cake.
Ryan and his cake.Ryan cutting his cake.
Volleyball GameRainbow after the nasty rain storm that went through
The guy's Jack, Kevin, Ryan, Jason, Bob, Jim and Bob Ryan and his dad with the Pig's head
Ryan and his Dad carving the pig.


beth said...

I love the picture of Jack in the hat and also the one with Logan! Looks like a fun party!

That rainbow is really pretty!

Kristin,Ryan and Jack said...

Thanks! It was a great party!


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