Thursday, February 22, 2007

Swimming Lesson!

Jack started swimming lessons on February 12! He loves them and he is doing really well. He goes every Monday and Wednesday. This class is a parent child class his last one. When he passes this class he will be on his own! We just get to watch. I love getting in with him and helping him learn to swim! We start out in the Big pool then move to the kids pool then to the warm pool everyones favorite pool! Last night Ryan did swimming lesson and I watched and took pictures on Monday Ryan will take pictures and I will swim I have been swimming with Jack for the last 3 classes so we figured Ryan needed a turn!
Here are a few pictures from last night!

Front Float:

Back Float:

Ring Around The Rosy:

Swimming to the toy:

Jumping into the pool:

I can't wait until Monday night class! And yeah I took a TON more pictures then this but didn't want to bore you! =)


lw_ken said...

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Scott & Beth said...

He looks like he's having so much fun! I can't believe he will be on his own after next week!


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